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When choosing a partner for the white label payment gateway, a business owner must realize that not all of them are created equally well. Let’s look at a few examples by reviewing the most popular companies that offer best-quality services. You will want to look for not only a team of experts, but also an agency of agile professionals that can fit in with your culture. As a service provider, they will have full access to sensitive customers personal information.

You gain access to an additional passive revenue stream not available to most businesses. While the technology is not very complex, it takes more time to set everything up. We will summarize the key features of each company so you could choose the best option for you.

A Fully-Customizable And Fully-Branded Payment Page

Your money will be immediately refunded, and you can sit back to carry on with the shopping. As it is globally recognized and used, users can select the preferred language of their choice. Fast transaction times are extensively achieved with our User-Centric gateways. needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings.

Read on to know more about a regular payment gateway, how a white label payment gateway is different and what main advantages it can offer you. White-label products are produced by one company and rebranded by another. In the case of payment gateways, it means that you can rebrand the checkout process so your customer doesn’t see the name of the payment software you used. Our updated documentation and API libraries provide everything you need to quickly and easily integrate your customers’ online stores or mobile apps with your payment platform. Besides, merchants can use different transaction types depending on the business’s needs.

Our Gateway Platform use of efficient development suites, web, and mobile SDKs allow you to integrate with the Platform within minutes most Shopping cart Modules available. For instance, if now you have a department of 3 employees in charge of merchant onboarding, after its automation, one employee will be able to handle it. It should be encrypted with the latest and most impenetrable technologies. 3.49% plus 49 cents for Venmo (U.S. only), transactions in non-U.S.

Advantages of Becoming White Label Payment Service Provider:

So, you can get from your partner only the relevant API documents. As we are integrated with lots of banks, we offer you the ease of payment process. The complete control of the funds and private keys is placed in the hands of users thereby ensuring transparency and added security. This a list of White Label Payment Gateways that integrate with Decta.

white label payment gateway

This also means you will have the freedom to set up your very own brand, market it and get visibility rather than living under someone else’s shadow. You will have control over customer experience, and how you want to service them, which means direct customer acquisition. WePay offers a white-label payments integration on top of its standard payments platform. The Clear service helps businesses integrate WePay into their websites and checkouts without redirecting customers. You can either build your own checkout form or customize existing templates, enabling you to have your brand colors and logo appear seamlessly throughout the payment process.

Build trustworthiness.

White label payment gateway solutions for Payment Service Providers, Acquirers & Merchants to use under their own brand. Our independent platform enables businesses to operate immediately using their own brand, logo, and identity and clearly differentiate themselves from the competition. White label payment gateway solutions for Payment Service Providers, Acquirers & Merchants to use under your own brand. Our independent platform enables businesses to operate immediately using your own brand, logo, and identity and clearly differentiate themselves from the competition. At White Label Payment Gateway, we offer ample partnership opportunities from co-branding to a full white label payment gateway.

Its direct operator billing solution is available across 80 countries and can be used for both subscriptions and one-time purchases.

  • And for that purpose, a company you are choosing to work with should be compliant with the standards set for while label companies.
  • It also provides a level of confidence to customers when making payments.
  • You do not require handling sensitive data while receiving payments, As PayCaps follow high-security standards.
  • They are faster and allow higher transactions and anonymity due to the presence of blockchain.
  • If you have an online eCommerce shop, then you must have it to build brand authority.
  • Customers must now choose a payment method, such as a credit or debit card, online payment, etc., before continuing with the purchase or service.

For example, you can create an invoice generator that integrates with your white-label payment gateway. White-label payment gateway providers offer merchants the ability to customize the look and feel of the payment portal. Confidentiality white label payment gateway and secretiveness are benefits you receive from crypto payment gateway processors and they never ask users for their KYC and user registration to start with. With this feature, users can achieve privacy while offering digital items.

Multi Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Development Company

In addition to its large suite of features and add-ons, the platform is highly customizable through its sandbox API and developer tools. Though it may take developer experience to take full advantage of the tools, Stripe can be completely branded to match your website. However, a white-label payment gateway might be handy when a company wants to avoid creating its payment methods from the ground up. If you have an online eCommerce shop, then you must have it to build brand authority. Ikajo is processing main card payment types as well as various alternative options and supports over 100 payment methods and more than 150 currencies.

white label payment gateway

Here are some more advantages of using a white-label payment gateway. Exponentially grow your conversion with our secure and easily customizable payment page. Build customers’ loyalty with a smooth transaction flow on any device. Enjoy Akurateco’s fully brandable white-label payment platform allowing you to own the end-to-end PCI DSS-certified gateway with zero development cost. Choosing the right payment gateway partner can be the key to your brand’s success, so try to approach the choice of white-label solutions as carefully as possible. UniPay White Label Payment Gateway – a payment solution fully hosted in our environment to help businesses greatly reduce and simplify PCI compliance requirements.

Customization & branding

Easily integrate payments into your mobile applications with Akurateco’s state-of-the-art payment modules across multiple smart devices. Akurateco’s gateway is a fully brandable, white-label solution allowing you to own the end-to-end ready-to-use, PCI DSS gateway with zero development cost. Refer merchant cash advances to our merchant cash advance company and get commissions for selling merchant cash advances. All the heavy lifting and technical aspects like infrastructure and security compliance will be taken care of for you. Our team will assess your online business needs and offer you an affordable price quote.

Today, White Label Payment Gateway is a developer, supplier and a system integrator – all in one to help merchants receive payments in e-commerce. All our solutions are perfect for both payment service providers and for online businesses that sell their goods and services to customers. A majority ofwhite-label payment gatewayproviders have direct alliances with different acquiring banks and support multiple payment methods as well. The need for online payments is increasing, and incorporating a payment gateway that allows users to pay via any method they want is not just an exception but has become an expectation. Cryptocurrency payment gateways is an active payment processor that helps merchants to accept cryptocurrencies as a stand-in for traditional payment methods. Flawless security helps users to transfer securely from one wallet to another directly.

Top Benefits of Using White Label Payment Gateway Solution

We are ready to provide a complete solution, we are just checking for our compatibility with your business. If you’re wondering what kind of merchants I can put on my white-label payment gateway, then the answer is; anyone you want. However, not every provider agrees to this, so make sure to ask this beforehand.

Upgrade your payments business and user experience by uniting online and account-to-account payments within one account. Let your clients track balances and oversee metrics via customisable dashboards in real-time. The PSP’s are the companies that represent the vascular system of online payments because of their services; people can make online payments.

white label payment gateway

The relationship between sellers and consumers is dwindling because of the presence of multiple players in any industry. This has increased the competition, and using a white-label online payment gateway will give you the edge your business needs. We’d love to meet you and showcase how you can use our platform for your benefit. For specific pricing details and to see a demonstration of the UniPay payment processing platform, contact us now. We’re ready to help you get to the next level with our products and services. Our white-label payment gateway solutions, there is no need to develop things from scratch as we are providing ready-made cost-effective solutions to meet your needs.


Today we are proud to work with Acquirers and PSPs from the EU and CIS. When opting for a white label payment service provider, work with someone having experience and a good track record of working with these business types. You can also find a range of value-added functions in payment gateways allowing merchants to easily manage their business and transactions. These added features can be fraud detection, recurring billing, tokenization, PCI compliance, and more. If you like how a particular payment gateway operates but you believe you can market it more effectively, you can build your own website and promote the gateway under your own name and branding.

Use the filters on the left to add additional filters for products that have integrations with Decta. Get access to 200+ connectors with a single integration of your e-commerce platform to our system. Expand your business into new international markets by offering cutting-edge technology fine-tuned to the needs of a specific niche. Feeling overwhelmed having to check a dozen different places just to keep track of your settlements? With Akurateco’s innovative Payment Calendar, you can easily manage all your ongoing settlements from a single easy-to-manipulate payment platform.

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